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Meerkat Madness

Meerkats are no longer exclusively commercially associated with Insurance comparison sites, or movies , or Coronation Street for that matter. It has spawned a new verb  – Meerkatting – and  a craze that is sweeping the internet. Here’s the definition for... read more

Video Marketing 2015

Video, it seems is dominating internet marketing. In my business, we started running online video in 2005, shortly after I attended a seminar in Atlanta that outlined the marketing power of video and addressed the many technical issues that video attracted at that... read more

Not Foolin’ Anyone?

  After a lengthy period of blood, sweat and tears, it’s finally here – Glass Frog Digital. From an embryonic start that has lasted some years (!) the Frog has finally evolved into a robust, all-encompassing Digital Marketing beast. With the help of some of the... read more

Tips from the Experts

Here from the Leaders: Tips from Industry Experts to Help You Maximise Your Online Presence Here is another in an occasional series of insights into effective marketing strategies. Today we hear from Bruce Daisley, UK MD of Twitter Running in Real-Time: Bringing... read more

Brain Hacks #1

Only the other day I was berating a client for not securing his domain name – he let it expire and of course all of his services stopped working; emails, website, the lot causing all kinds of grief and business interruptions . And to make matters worse somebody else... read more

Social Media and Crime

We’ve all been warned about clicking on suspicious links or opening spam e-mails, but did you know that a jaw-dropping eighty-one percent of Internet crime is committed using social media. In the spirit of the old saying “Knowledge is power,” InstantCheckmate.com... read more

What Happens In…..?

What Happens in Vegas? The phrase ‘What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’ has a very interesting history. The original (and official) campaign slogan for Vegas: ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ was penned by the advertising agency of R&R Partners, Inc. and the city... read more

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