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Negative Online Reviews Can Seriously Affect your Business Reputation and Future Online and Offline Sales

As the power of social media and consumer influence expands, business owners have to be more vigilant than ever about their brand and reputation.

There is a real threat to Business now caused by this upsurge of ‘consumer power’.

Negative Online Reviews Can Seriously Affect your Business Reputation and Future Online and Offline Sales

Did you know that  over 65% of the population use the Internet to research a product or service before making a purchase?

And that 70% of these online researchers are unlikely to buy from a company if they find one single negative review about your business?

Frightening statistics, but statistics you should be aware of.

Just look at what happened to Dell.

When an unhappy customer published his complaints about the poor product and service he got from Dell, this triggered a landslide of ‘me too’ complaints about the computer giant, resulting in a massive loss of sales for the company.

Get Your Reputation under control.

Unless you are prepared to set up the systems and devote the time to actively and continuously monitor your brand and your company name, you are leaving the door wide open for a reputation disaster.

There are several key steps to managing your reputation online.

1. Monitor and take action.

Steps should be taken to continuously monitor both positive and negative reviews of your brand or company.

Positive comments can be shared and promoted.

2. Address Negative Comments Promptly

Show you are dealing with the issue

3. Use SEO to feed positive information to the Internet

4. Ask for online reviews from your customers

5. Set up in-house systems to minimize negative reviews

Treat Your Online Reputation as an Asset.

When Clients Trust You, They Buy from You.

Need Professional Reputation Management?

Glass Frog offer a professionally- managed, Done for You service  that employs specially designed systems to help you monitor your brand and keep your reputation the way you want it.

If you have some negative reviews that you need to repair, we can offer expert intervention to restore your reputation and ensure client continuity.

Don’t wait until clients pass you by and your revenues drop – call us for a no obligation consultation.

Remember our services come with 100% Results guarantee, so you risk nothing by engaging Glass Frog to help you with your reputation management.

Call us now on 0191 516 6262 email us on reputation@glass-frog.com and see how we can help you maintain your priceless reputation.


  1. The best way is to get exposure, which might be the most expensive way, unless you get a little creative in how you do it. You might want to deliver free food to radio personalities and be on the air as they sample your great food products. You could also do this with food critics in your local newspapers.Another thing you could do is approach party planners and DJ’s and any other non competing services which target the party market and ask them all to co-promote each other. Maybe all of you could create a coupon booklet which highlights each of your individual services and maybe if you find a few who are easy to work with, then you could offer money off savings if they pick two or three of the companies listed in your booklet. Along these same lines you should come up with package deals for your potential customers of just your services. Maybe if someone who is having a graduation party could save 20% if they also hire you for their Xmas office party they’re having at the office later in the year.You need to get your name out there for people to see on a regular basis, and you need to get your product out there so people can sample it and since you’re just a start up you need to be creative, even if you had the money, at this stage creativity is going to be better for you because you have to start creating a place in your potential customers minds for your business.

  2. Getting negative reviews is the same as the positive ones in such a way that they’re both from people who have tried out your product. Even if you get a fake negative review, the best thing to do here is to address those reviews immediately. It will make the people feel that you’re really working your way up that ladder to becoming a reputable marketer. For example, you want to resell SEO services; you have to make sure that you’re ready for the challenge of having to answer to each of the reviews that you get. It’s good if you’re going to get a lot of good reviews, but never let the fact that there’s a chance that there’s going to be a bad review. Remember, bad reviews fly around a lot faster than the good ones.

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